View Full Version : Spaceforce: Rogue Universe demo

05-29-07, 09:00 PM
Anyone playing this yet? im d/l now looks nice

Front page of fileplanet http://www.fileplanet.com/

05-29-07, 09:40 PM
I was half thinking about getting the demo....but since I'm on a 7300LE(until my GTX gets replaced) its not going to look good of play well anyway, so I'm passing on it for now

05-29-07, 11:25 PM
Post some screenshots once ure done. This is a game i am looking forward to, my net is shaped atm (yay for australia) :(

I saw some people say over at gamespot it was disappointing...

05-30-07, 12:01 AM
Oh god..this game is so bad. Graphics are terrible. This game cauld use more work on before its shipped out. Dissapointing.

05-30-07, 12:23 AM
I don't like RPG's but I'm thinking a space RPG where I can fly and starfighter might be cool.

One thing I don't like about RPG's is the leveling up by doing repetitive tasks. And I don't want to have to invest half my life in a game before I start having fun.

I'll probably download this and try. Is it anything like Eve-Online?

05-30-07, 02:00 AM
game does feel rushed, graphics arent that bad ive seen worse, and dont put double pixel on like some people are doing, all that does is make pixels twice the size making the game look horrible, as for the game itself they did a poor job representing it, if you dont look over the controls your going to be lost, the game doesnt do a good job explaining stuff and what you have to do, but once u get a hang of the controls the game does feel and play better, but then you start to notice more disapointing things about the game, overall it feels rushed and the combat feels lacking to me, game comes across as a combination of x-universe and darkstar one to me.

doesnt play like Eve-Online