View Full Version : Two Worlds problem at start of the game

05-30-07, 04:11 AM
Hi All,

This is my first post, so I take the opportunity to say "hi" to everyone.
I'll take more time later to go through the topics and find the correct one for a presentation.

I just installed Two Worlds, patches it with 1.1 (or so I remember), and started the game.
Though a bit slow at loading, I have the main menu screen, but when starting a new game, only half the bar is loading. I neverhteless have the screen game (character seen from the back) for a few seconds before it closed back to windows (no message).

Don't have additional info on config (i'm at the office...), but does anyone have a first idea ?

05-30-07, 06:12 AM
start off with the latest update 1.3

05-30-07, 06:47 AM
start off with the latest update 1.3

Ok, I'll try that tonight, and will let you know.