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06-01-07, 09:05 AM
Im looking to setup a webserver to host some simple sites maybe setup a small db later, i want to put up a personal site with my resume and maybe a startup company site with a small db, probably going to setup raid

Im leaning towards windows but linux might be a fun setup

anyway the issue is picking a cpu
ivew ownded xp3000, 3400 64 bit, 3800x2, intel e4300 at 3.3ghz
(in my experience amd runs smoother at lower cpu usage)

-im looking for low cost on everything! (100$ or so for the whole shabang)

now my main question is amd? or intel? , newer x2, or singe cores, newer gens 3800, or older gens amds xp proc

-for example i can get a sempron amd 3000 for $30 on newegg, but i could probably get a xp cpu and mobo a lot cheaper

what kind of performance hit would you take ? at the most 100 hits on the server a day

theres really so many options i need some help from people with experience

- also have a 500hz desktop running windows xp with 64mb ram :)

also i have to really update my sig :P

06-01-07, 09:23 AM
With a Linux power webserver with low traffic it really doesn't matter the speed, honestly. I've served content with gzip (mod_gzip) on Apache 1.3.x on a Celeron 500Mhz with 256MB of RAM, with a mysql backend.

100 hits a day you could almost run on a 200Mhz MIPS; the 500Mhz desktop with 64MB of RAM would be adequate for the task but I would consider upping the memory to at least 128M to avoid paging.

If you're doing RAID software RAID-1 is perfect with little CPU cost if any.

Anything over 1Ghz CPU or anything over 256M of RAM is overkill by a huge margin.

Remember, this is Linux ;)

I'd be happy to help you any way I can along the way, if you have questions bounce them off me. I recommend suhosin, mod_deflate, mod_security, and mod_evasive for PHP/Apache. I recommend mysql as the database backend.

06-01-07, 10:18 AM
hmm im not 100% sure if i cant upgrade the ram on that computer its a old freebe, do you think i should upgrade that or just buy a new pc or get something off ebay, im not sure if you can buy pc100 ram without dishing out 20$ shipping these days

also do you need a avirus on linux?

the only other thing is that its probably near impossible to find the linux driver for the nic card, im at work or i would take a look

for simple web servers where does the cpu play the biggest role? running scrips and db more than just dishing out a page correct?

do you thing a new pc might use less power than the old one? i know some old cpus were hot running power hogs?

my background
graduating may 2008 with ba in comp sci, bs in management with a bunch of concentrations, run a unix site for newspaper with php and orical but they system admins fix any issues, so i figure i might as well get some experience, as most jobs require it, and i want to put my resume up with some nice flash as a website

-im probably going to just find one of many step by step guide for web servers out there and give that a try

*note my pocket pc has 64mb of ram and runs at 624ha, maybe i should use that hehe

-also thanks for the suggestions

06-01-07, 10:52 AM
PantyVirus = No need, you can run Clam if you want but it's pretty pointless.

Linux driver for NIC: Why do you need a driver? The kernel will likely support it, either directly, or via a module. I can't think of the last time I had to load a driver for a NIC, even the Broadcom PCIE 1000Mbit ones.

CPU utilization for serving content is very little, PHP compile times, depending on the quality of the code, will be your factor. Things like eAccelerator can help with PHP load. MySQL is CPU friendly too.

Unless you've got some bloatcode with glaring defects and a horrible schema you won't have issues.

Orical? I think you mean Oracle ;P

06-01-07, 11:32 AM
alright man thanks for the help i might give it a try when i get out of work later tonight, get it running and put in the new ram later, and also I hate how i mess up Oracle all the time lol

thanks for the help :afro: