View Full Version : Fan Speed Control?

Elvin Presler
06-01-07, 04:17 PM
Does anyone know of anything other than Rivatuner that can set the fan speeds on a 7800GS? Mine is insanely loud (too fast) when gaming and runs plenty cool. I'd like to slow it down a bit, but Rivatuner seems like a bit much for a little adjustment like that and is very user unfriendly in my opinion.

From my searching around, it seems Rivatuner is my only real option, but if anyone knows of a less...cumbersome way to control fan speeds, I'd love to hear it.

06-02-07, 12:11 AM
Try the Gainward Expertool, used it on a number of NVidia cards and works well........

Elvin Presler
06-03-07, 05:33 PM
Ok, the "fixed speed" setting lets me set 2d and 3d speeds, same as Rivatuner, but what does Dynamic do? I don't see any options with it, like temperature trigger points or whatever. When I enable it, my fan seems to just stay at idle speed even when 3d games are running.

Edit: Expertool doesn't seem to recognize 2d from 3d on my card. I can set it for fixed speed of 50% for 2d and 80% for 3d, then start a game and the fan just stays at 50%. If I set it for Dynamic, the sliders are greyed out. and it just stays at the default 50% at all times.

06-04-07, 11:23 AM
It's not really an answer to your question, but here's a guide (http://home.comcast.net/~boogieman1954/8800%20fan%20speed%20guide.htm) to set up RivaTuner for automatic fan control. If you have the settings right (takes about 15 minutes), you'll never have to do it again, and riva automatically changes your fan speed according to the temperature of you gpu-core.

Elvin Presler
06-06-07, 06:37 PM
I found a method I like that requires no extra software to be installed on my system!

I got nvFlash.v5.50 and dumped my original firmware for backup and editing.
I used NiBiTor 3.4a to edit a copy of the firmware and set the 3d fan speed where I want it.
Then nvFlash.v5.50 to flash it back.