View Full Version : Is Mac hardware compatible with PC?

03-28-03, 04:24 PM
I had a crazy idea.:D In theory, would it be possible to take the graphics card, the RAM, the hard drive, the CD drive and the display out of a PowerMac G4 and use it on a PC? Would there be any risks involved in trying?

03-28-03, 04:51 PM
graphics card
almost all cards need a BIOS flash to move between Mac <-> PC. here's a link to PC->Mac flashing info (http://www.cybercoment.com/macgeforce.htm). I don't have any Mac->PC links.

fully interchangeable between machines of same type. (d'oh! I can't use DDR PC2100 in a PC133 machine!)

hard drive, CD drive
IDE/ATA drives are 100% interchangeable.
SCSI devices are mostly interchangeable,
- Apple's SCSI formatting utilities worked only on SCSI hard drives with an Apple ROM.
- Apple motherboard SCSI controllers would boot from SCSI CDROM drives only with an Apple ROM

Apple DVI displays are 100% usable with any PC DVI video card.
Apple ADC displays require an ADC to DVI converter (http://www.drbott.com/prod/db.lasso?code=0111-DVAD) for use on a DVI video card.