View Full Version : Need to boot Vista from SATA HDD - Solved

06-01-07, 11:37 PM
How do I stick boot info on my SATA so I can boot from it?

I currently have two HDD. One IDE with XP installed and one SATA with Vista installed. I need to remove the IDE drive for a while. When I do this, I lose my dual boot and the SATA drive will not boot.

If I use my Vista DVD, it shows no OSes installed and an attempt to 'repair boot problems' does nothing. I used to use XPs recovery console to fix things like this, but I am unfamiliar with Vista.

Edit: Solved adequately for now. Here's some notes for anyone in a similar situation.

Vista's Repair option had no effect initially because I had multiple partitions and multiple drives.

I used Drive Management to mark the SATA drive as Active. It then said Missing BootMgr instead of Failed System Disk blah blah.

I attempted to use VistaBootPro to add a boot manager but that had no effect.

I then just manually copied the bootmgr from the XP drive onto the SATA Vista drive along with the boot folder. I missed one file because Vista had a file lock on it.

With a partial boot present, Vista succesfully repaired the boot.

If I put the IDE drive back in, the dual boot does not work correctly (even though the options look correct) but I will fix that later if I need to use it.