View Full Version : Titan Quest - Energy on a warrior?

06-02-07, 06:16 AM
I just started playing Titan Quest a week ago... I was late to get around to this one.

I started playing a Warrior and I'm up to lvl 26 now. When I hit 26, for the first time I took a skill that used energy (forget the name - some spin attack line). Until this time I had been putting all attribute points into STR and Health. So, I have like 50 INT and only 300 Energy. The spin attack thing takes up about 1/4 of my energy pool per use and my Energy has no regen at all. I'm wearning no ENG regen items.

I went the Slayer route (+Hunting) only to get a few select skills off that line (like Study Prey).

I'm just wondering if I should start putting a lot of my points into INT and ENG? Aside from that spin attack. I have no idea what to plan for. From looking at the tree map thing that came with the original game I can see some things I want will cost power (and others do an energy reserve). But, how much should I concentrate on INT and ENG? From the spin attack skill I could tell I'm' not even built right to take a power using move. I'd have to drink an ENG potion after every 3 times I used it.

I did buy the expansion pack too - so I started playing from scratch with that installed.

Thanks for any tips.