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03-28-03, 06:44 PM
Ok post some questions for me to use. Amd guys been alittle secretive.

Id like to ask him more tommorrow. So post some questions for me to note down. Make it good I want him sweating, So far ive asked him alot of questions about Memory/Bandwidth/IPC/Clock,
he smirked alot and denied to comment to most.

Some Definite answers
1: Operton Server systems next month/following months
Clawhammer(Athlon 64 desktops) Sept 31st i believe he said

2: He also stated that some company bought a test system of opterons. Loved it so much they ordered like 10 thousand units

3: They had some problems with SOI and the built in memory controller. Been Ironed Out. Wouldnt comment on IBM helping them.

4: Full 64bit MS OS supposed to be finalized(will have to check) Said to be full 32bit backwards compatible, Run it and a 64bit amd and install your 32bit games/apps without a problem. Opteron/A64 Have 3 modes they run in, pure 32bit, pure 64 bit, Hybrid 64-32

Speeds he wouldnt comment on just smirked when I suggested 1.4-2ghz for initial release of opterons

Wouldn't comment on Cache sizes. Speeds on memory, IPC, FPU.

Have yet to talk to ATI guy. Intel guy just verified some info on newest chipsets.

Id like to compile a list so that I can grill all three

03-28-03, 06:54 PM
will they support pci express and if not right out the gates what is the time frame. if not will they support some other version of pci . besides 33 mhz pci is getting a little slow ya know.


03-28-03, 06:59 PM
They said PCI-X Is supported and running. Hypertransport talking to everything internally

PCI-X Might be the death of the AGP bus

03-28-03, 08:39 PM
Sigh I shoulduve posted this in general

03-28-03, 09:25 PM
ok, here goes.

I know you said AMD declined to talk about memory speeds, but you didn't say what you asked, so here goes.

1) how elegant will the memory controller of Athlon64 be, does it have to specifically support a memory speed to be able to take advantage of it? we have heard in the past that Athlon64 would initially support DDR333(from AMD) has this changed? or will it also support at least DDR400.

2) regarding the 64bit OS, will this be a totally new OS that needs to be purchased from MS, or will there be some kind of big patch?

3) some website(dammit, it was on the nV News frontpage ~1 week ago) claimed Athlon64 would be moved up from the September launch....was this outdated/incorrect information?

1) what are the 800MHz FSB HT Pentium4's that will come out at 2.xGHz going to be called? ie, are these from the Prescott, Northwood, or something else?

2) will there eventually be Prescotts supporting 1066MHz FSB before Tejas is released?

I will move this thread to general hardware also.

03-28-03, 09:37 PM
1: Unsure, I basically asked how will the built in memory controller scale when newer faster memory becomes avaliable. He just said "should be fine" Don't exactly know what will happen with it. Will try to get some elaborate info on it.

2: Microsoft plans to sell the 64bit version(course, its microsoft), *Nix Solutions have there 64bit versions ready for release(he said redhat, debian(it hink), SuSe, many more

3: Athlon64 is the desktop solution, Opteron is the Server. He stated Opteron will be released Next Month(end of april for inital releases) And Athlon64 he confirmed as September date(I believe he said sept 30th) I'll try get more info on this as well. Basically gonna ask is this going ot be a paper launch or will I actually be able to buy opterons

Intel: Again havent talked to him much. Gonna corner him tommorrow for some grilling

1: Chips as in CPU? Dunno, I'll ask, Chips as in Chipsets, Springdale-PE/SpringDale-G/Centerwood some others he mentianed

2: Will ask

Keep the questions comming
Thanks for moving it, hopefully more will see it here

Update, Intels 800mhz Chip = Canterwood

03-29-03, 05:46 PM
What timeframe are we looking at for PCIX cards from ATI?

Was the R400 really scrapped?

Will they have a R350 useing MAXX technology?

*they coined the term MAXX for their solutions where they had 2 cores on a card.

03-29-03, 08:59 PM
Originally posted by Ruffy
Update, Intels 800mhz Chip = Canterwood

I thought Canterwood was a motherboard? it is also the codename for the new 2.x GHz 800FSB CPUs?

03-29-03, 09:09 PM
Canterwood is a chipset.



03-31-03, 12:10 AM
Well Just got back, Intel, Logitech and AMD were there, ATI Not comming anymore, Some family emergancy

some of these i didnt get to touch on because I was at the event.

Sorry guys but heres the last info I got.
Intel : Everything seems fine with the prescott. Expect full release soon along with Springdale-PE then G Mobos for it, Canterwood Mobo later this year

I asked about Yamhill and he started sweating, Wouldn't say much, Most I got was Yamhill Is there fallback in Case Opteron kicks ass. Typical Intel he claimed 64bit computing not needed.

Commended us for our questions and our general knowledge. Wanted to know where we got our general info. Seems no ones asking these guys anything good cept us. Said a move after 90nm is 65nm or around there!

Didnt outline any future chip past 800mhz bus, 800mhz chip still the Prescott Core

Logitech : Asked about if they had any future wireless/Trackball With a charge cradle ALA the mx700. He said not for there next release in Fall/winter But he'd recomend it(wrote it down)

AMD : Denied exsistance of knowing about dual core Opteron chips. Laughed when said 8-Way Sledgehammer System. Pretty cool guy but as with all reps they can't give much out. Asked about Bartons Running at 400fsb, Hey slipped and said possibly 3200+. Transition for 90nm Scale going well. Expected Q1 2004.
Prices on Opterons next month to be real competitive. Wouldn't give general ranges But said completely tricked out servers with dual chips would run under 4 grand. Course the bulk of the cost is the registered ecc memory scsi drives/controller, tape backup, redundant power. So expect price ranges from $300-1000(most expensive for dual core chips)

Again wouldnt comment on Mhz but laughed when i asked about 1.4-2ghz Range

Denied amd ever using any HyperThreading feature. Didn't answer question on if they ever will use such a feature.

03-31-03, 12:50 AM
AMD dosent need hyperthreading, they made their cpu's so cheep that you can just have 2 Real processors : O

cant speak about Opertron priceing though heh.

03-31-03, 02:44 AM
Originally posted by GlowStick
AMD dosent need hyperthreading, they made their cpu's so cheep that you can just have 2 Real processors : O

cant speak about Opertron priceing though heh.

Barton isn't exactly cheap either. the high end AMD CPUs right now are just as expensive as the Intel ones!

03-31-03, 06:28 AM
Originally posted by Ruffy
[BSo expect price ranges from $300-1000(most expensive for dual core chips)[/B]

That's like every damn top-o-the-line processor ever. heh.