View Full Version : Multiple_Processors_Hotfix????

06-03-07, 08:04 PM
i found this on intell site, anyone know whats it for??]


06-04-07, 04:51 AM

06-04-07, 08:39 AM
I think this update is for if you use one of the programs in the bios that slows you computer down so it run cooler at idle ,like running it at a lower multipler or lowering the speed of the CPU.It might be good if you were running a notebook computer,to save battery life ,but most PC users turn off all them things in the Bios that makes your CPU run slower at idle.That the first time I seen that update ,I don't think you need it if you run your PC with all the features that slow your CPU down,maybe someone else can answer that knows more about it.