View Full Version : 4 sale Athlon dual core 4800

06-04-07, 06:58 PM
AM2 4800 dual core
$130 usd


package deal

evga 8800gtx (black pcb)
Athlon 4800
Asus M2n32 sli Deluxe
4 GB ram
4 (250gb)raided
supertrack 8350 hardware raid 6, 5, 1, 0 card with 8 ports and 128MB of ram
Zelman 9500 nvidia cpu cooler
tagan Power supply (1100w)
and a coolermaster case
and a DECK Legend blue LD keyboard


..do the math on this one... you'll figure it out.
heat ID is venturi

06-05-07, 07:27 AM
I buy the 4800 from ya and can you tell me how much for the 4 gigs of ram and what type of ram it is also but Im on the chip though for sure. I'm paypal certiefied as well so let meknow, also I live in Windsor Ontario Canada if you need to check the cost for shipping as well.
also if I can work it I would like to get that black pcb 8800gtx from you to, and I will let you know tomorrow if I can purchase it from you if possible ok so let meknow P.