View Full Version : Problem With Trying to Dual booting Vista and XP

06-05-07, 01:02 PM
Ok so I was bored and decided to install vista (alongside XP of course) and I followed this guide http://lifehacker.com/software/windo...sta-179906.php . To make a long story short, the installation was a success but after I was done playing with vista and wanted to go back to xp I could not for some reason. I restarted my computer under the assumption that I would get a dos screen that lets me choose which OS I want to use but for some reason It automatically defaults/starts Vista and does not even give me the option to choose so I am stuck and am in need of help. I tried using vista's boot manager to see If I can choose xp from there but the option doesnt even appear,it only lists vista so I am wondering If I am pretty much ****ed or if there is a chance that I can fix this because I do NOT want to use vista as my main OS and I do NOT want to do a reinstall of XP. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

06-05-07, 02:17 PM
We need more info. How many HDDs, IDE/SATA, what kinds of partitions on them and so on.

06-05-07, 02:32 PM
Download VistaBootPro. It's a GUI design instead of being command-line based like BCDEdit. Makes it easy to properly configure the Vista boot options. And it's free.