View Full Version : Striker Xtreme problem please help!

06-06-07, 12:46 AM
I just rma'ed it this board and just got the new one to find out that the sound is not working! I can hear sound from the headphone jacks and speakers outputs but not from the optical output! I install the latest drivers and I'm running Windows Vista.

06-06-07, 12:51 AM
This could be an issue with Windows Vists driver support. Question, I noticed you have the SilverStone CP1000 Watt PSU...Which is better ST1000 or CP1000?

06-06-07, 12:57 AM
I believe you need to enable digital I/O in Sound settings.

06-06-07, 01:12 AM
how do you do that on vista?!

06-06-07, 03:50 AM
Rightclick on the speaker icon in the lower right corner and select playback device or something like that, or go to Control Panel and look for Sound.

06-06-07, 07:51 AM
I thought so but still not working!

06-07-07, 07:01 PM
okay, now the computer is crashing with a colorful static screen! Is that MB or ram problem? I been having memory problems ever since i got my fist striker xtreme. do you think is the ram or I just got unlucky the motherboards?