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06-06-07, 03:11 AM
Hi all !

I have the latest ASUS F3SC laptop with a 8400M GPU
I'm under Linux Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn
The 100.14.06 drivers appear to support only 8400GS. When I install under Ubunu 7.04, X fails to start with a message tht the GPU is not supported.

When will there be support for 8400M?

I've installed the VESA driver by I have a bad reolution (1024*768 instead of 1280*800) :thumbdwn:

Thanks a lot !

06-18-07, 10:40 AM
I have same laptop and I tried to install Feisty Fawn first but there were a bug with booting 7.04 LiveCD so I started to install Gentoo. Networkless installation with 2006.0 LiveCD completed sucessfully and after recompiling 2.6.22 kernel with atl1 driver even network worked. But wiht graphics card I have a problem but different from yours. First I tried nvidia-drivers-1.0.8776-r1.ebuild. This ones probably works because there is no error in Xorg.0.log but screen is black. According to Gentoo's NVidia HOWTO this may be caused by wrong VertRefresh and HorizSync of display but I can't find correct values so I tried a few ones or none. Maybe Modeline is needed to specify too. I have tried Single-ead, Dual-Head or TwinView with LG 204WT too but all the same. With lastest driver nvidia-drivers-1.0.9755-r1.ebuild starting X server even restarts whole computer. OpenSource nv driver displays black screen too. Only I get to work is vesa driver on 1024x768 resolution which is pretty ugly since display has 1280x800. Do anyone know type of F3Sc's display or corect frequency values? How can I find them?

07-28-07, 12:15 PM
same problem here,