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03-29-03, 10:31 AM
Is it possible to get nView working with my TV as an entirely separate monitor?

I can get it working as a clone or as a vertical or horizontal extension, but I'd like to be able to pop in a DVD and run it fullscreen on the TV and still be able to do work on my computer. I can use the horizontal extension and watch a DVD or VCD in windowed mode, but hitting fullscreen stretches it out over both my TV and Viewsonic (and punches my monitor down to 60 hz for some reason). Selecting dualview disables the TV option as a second monitor.

Is it a beta driver issue? I'm running a Visiontek Ti4400 under WinXP Pro with 42.86 drivers. Anybody have any success doing this? Will a (gasp) Radeon 9500 or 9700 do it?


p.s. p4 @ 2.7, Asus P4PE Gold, 512mg PC2700, 60 gig Barracuda, Toshiba DVDROM, Viewsonic G810, yaddah yaddah yaddah.

03-30-03, 12:58 PM
Well, I have an update- a fellow on another forum can run Dualview on his Geforce4 Ti with VGA and TV. His works the same under 30.82 and 43.45 Detonators, too, but he's running Win2000 and I'm in XP Pro, but I doubt that would make a difference here. I've upgraded my drivers to the latest release (43.45), too.

In display properties, under the Geforce tab, click desktop utilities and there should be a checkbox for "Enable Dualview (treat multiple outputs on an Nvidia-based GPU-based card as separate display devices)"

He provided a pic so there is no mistaking exactly where it is supposed to be, and my setup looks exactly like his except the checkbox and writing isn't there on mine.

Check the attached image for where the checkbox is SUPPOSED to be. Everybody with a Ti4200 to Ti4600 and TV-Out should have this option. Could people check and see if it is commonly missing?

03-30-03, 03:59 PM
I have a Ti4400 and the 43.45 dets and the text is missing, but I do have a greyed out 'restore defaults' button, ummm...:confused:

When I have both connected, I use Windows own multi monitor thingy as shown in the pic below, you can choose which monitor is the default one and whether or not to include the other.

The nView tab on the Ti4400 panel, only lets you selct clone and stretch, so this is the way I would recommend to do it..

You might have to restart after powering/connecting your TV.

Hope this helps :)

03-30-03, 04:03 PM
Also, to view a DVD on the TV whilst working on the other monitor, set the TV as the primary and extend it onto the other one, then restart Windows. Make sure your TV is turned on !! :p

Once restarted, start playing your DVD and minimise it, then run something else, drag it onto the other monitor and restore your DVD, you should now be able to view and watch at the same time :D

The DVD playing in the pic can be played full screen, I just wanted to show it was actually Windows playing it :)

03-30-03, 04:25 PM
Thanks Steve, got your reply and saved the pics, but I'll have to wait a bit before playing too much with it. Got a family to feed and put to bed first! :)

Strange about you have his EXACT same card and not have his dualview enabling checkbox. All I have is the restore defaults button too. I wonder what the problem is with our setups?

03-30-03, 06:28 PM
Well, guess what? I've got the last episode of Survivor:Amazon (which I missed because it was on Wednesday for some reason) playing on the bigscreen via tv-out and I'm writing this on my Viewsonic as we speak! Excellent! Thanks a lot!

I'd still like to know why our nView is broken and that other guy's works as advertized though. It would be a lot easier sending windows and apps etc from one screen to another using the special nview controls, but it's definitely nice to know that there's a viable workaround.


03-30-03, 09:41 PM
For my system, I have Nview set to clone (just cause I don't care to look way to my left at my 36" tv to do normal stuff). However, I have it set (in the OVERLAY'S) section to "Full Screen Device : Secondary Display" so that when ANY video starts, my TV switches from clone, to full screen video. This works perfectly except with these damn newest drivers (43.45). Doesn't work correctly. Anyone have any ideas? I really don't want to go back to older drivers because these are SOOO sweet for my 3D Perfomance (FX 5800Ultra). I had it set the same way with older drivers (both on a 4400 and 5800) and it worked flawlessly. HELP!

03-31-03, 06:04 AM
Originally posted by kawboy
Well, guess what? I've got the last episode of Survivor:Amazon (which I missed because it was on Wednesday for some reason) playing on the bigscreen via tv-out and I'm writing this on my Viewsonic as we speak! Excellent! Thanks a lot!

Glad I could help...and that it worked :D

03-31-03, 06:09 AM
nrdstrm- the section in Overlays where it allows me to select "Full Screen Device" is greyed out. I'm currently using the 43.45s though, so maybe more fiddling is required with the 42.86s?

Lonyo on Anandtech has his working properly with the 43.45s and with some 30.xx drivers as well. I'm going to do some more experimenting as well as running Detonator Destroyer etc after work today.