View Full Version : Ghost display mystery & issues

06-07-07, 04:49 AM
What you are about to see on theese images is the mystery of a "Display 2" that just doesnt physically exist, and by it's detection causing an issue annoying enough to not letting it go.

This is what my desktop properties and device manager looks like. Note that there are 3 listed displays.


This is the world around the computer. Note the monitor in the corner (Display 1) as well as the television (Display 3).


This is what my computer looks like from behind. You can see the blue DVI-VGA connection to the left, leading to my monitor, then there's the DVI connection to the right, leading to the TV. Note that the S-Video is empty.


Now finally, here's why this is a problem... nview refuses to set up a hotkey for display toggling as long as the third monitor is there, making it a hassle to swap between my monitor and TV.


Any clue to what the mystery "Display 2" is and how to exorcise it would be nice.

06-07-07, 07:05 AM
Got 2 ghosts on my 8800GTX SLI setup under vista, but only 2 monitors, one per card. Those are place holders for the 2 extra empty DVI connectors.
EDIT: I do not have hotkeys installed (is it even available under Vista)