View Full Version : occasional black screens with geforce 7300 gs

06-07-07, 08:50 PM
Hi everybody!

I have a strange problem with my evga geforce 7300 gs.

From time to time, i get a blank screen when the windows login dialog should be shown while booting up windows xp. After the windows loading screen has correctly been displayed, only the mouse pointer is shown in front of a black background. I can move the mouse, and i can even log on by typing my password, but the black screen does not disappear.
Then, when i reboot my pc, everything works fine again.

This problem occurs more or less biweekly. It also occured during the installation of the graphics driver after a windows reinstallation. It occurd not only while using the official nvidia drivers, but also when i used dh zeropoint drivers.

Does somebody have an idea how this could be fixed?

Thanks in advance for your tips!



P.S:: I apologize for my bad English!

06-07-07, 09:13 PM
get a nvidia driver clean program, run it in safe mode, uninstall your agp chipset drivers and the nvidia drivers, delete all that is left nvdia-wise, reboot, reload drivers, reboot, then reboot again just because you love bill gates so much.
if you got that during install, then it will be those drivers or files that have a corrupt bit or data block in them. try to start afresh and see if that works, wont take you too long really to do all that.