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06-08-07, 02:42 AM
I am not sure the exact name of the processor. I will have to get ahold of the lap top. My sister sent her lap top down for me to fix. I had to order a torn down one off of ebay to replace the casing it came in, and the motherboard. I took everything out and put it in the one I had ordered. I went to take the processor out, and had to use a knife. I bent the pins. I managed to get all of them straight, except one broke off in the process. I went ahead and put it in, and put it back together but the only that that happens now is the fan comes on for the processor, and then nothing else happens... The screen doesn't light up, or anything.

Will one pin cause this? If so can I have it repaired at perhaps a computer store?

06-08-07, 08:12 AM
Yeah one pin will do that, you should have known or learned that before you took on this endeavour. Now you must go to pricewatch and find a P3 with speedstep. Certain cores have it, certain cores don't. If you install a non-speedstep cpu, then you can kiss power management features good-bye.