View Full Version : Problems with my 6600

06-08-07, 04:30 AM

I recently installed a 6600 nvidia Geforce 256 mb Agp card in my system. I found that after switching on and using my system for a while, I get a blue screen with the following contents

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


smwdm.sys beginning dump of physical memory

[x000900] <- something of that sort

dumping physical memory to disk [some increasing numbers]
Also there appears a number after the dumping physical memory to disk which increases every few seconds.
The computer does not automatically switch off as well.
What could be the problem?
I have the latest drivers for nvidia.

My config:

PIV 3 Ghz HT
1.5 Gb RAM
80 GB ATA Seagate HDD
1 DVD Writer and 1 DVD reader
Usual samsung 15" CRT monitor

I run win xp only as an OS

6600's temperature is around 60 degree celsius usually. The blue screen appears when the system has been left switched on for some time.
There was nothing I did at the time the screen appeared.

What could be the problems?

Please do help me with this..
I'll be really thankful