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06-08-07, 12:36 PM
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My heatware is "nippyjun"

Email me with questions or offers. Make me an offer, i'm flexible. Thank you.


(please note that i only ship to the US)

PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW (1 kilowatt) quad power supply. Excellent condition. $359 OBO.

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade Bill Gates Signature Edition. Brand new, Opened, unused. $220 shipped obo.

Norton 360. no box, unused. $39 shipped obo.

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Collectors Edidion. New Sealed. $69 shipped obo.

Laplink PCmover. Moves your program files and settings to a new computer. Includes the Laplink USB cable. $9 shipped obo.

D-Link Wireless G router. Model WBR-1310. Brand new, unused. UPC gently removed from the box. $29shipped OBO.

Call of Duty 2 Collectors Edition DVD. $23 shipped obo.

Lazer Led 3 beam UV case mod. Shines 3 led uv lights. I have 2 of these. Each are $6 shipped obo.

Geforce 2 MX-400 AGP 64megs. $19 shipped OBO.

Arctic Cooling MX-1 thermal compund. New sealed. $9 shipped obo.

Vector AC/DC power converter. Model VEC004. 6 amp output. This is used to take a device that has a cigarette lighter plug and use it in the home. You plug the cigarette lighter plug into this and then this plugs into the wall. You can use it for a satellite radio for example so that you can use the radio in your house. $20 shipped obo.

Nip Tuck Season 1 DVD. $21 shipped. (season 2 sold)

HP Premium Glossy Photo Paper 4x6 inch. I have multiple boxes of 20. 3 boxes are 9mil and 2 boxes are 10mil. The boxes are a little wrinkled but the paper inside should be fine. $25 shipped for all 5 boxes OBO.

120mm fan grills: They are chrome. $2.25 shipped each. If you need more than one let me know as I have a bunch available of each and if you need more than one the price will be lower due to postage savings. There are 2 styles of the chrome ones. Let me know which style you want. Here are the pics:


Dell Axim X50/ X50v original slip case. $14 shipped OBO.

One Memorex DVD+RW disk. brand new. 4x. $3 plus shipping OBO.

I have a Vintage 3Dfx Interactive/Monster 3D/Diamond Multimedia Poster. Diamond multimedia made the original 3Dfx Monster 3D card back in the 90's and this is an original poster that I obtained from Diamond way back then. It's in excellent condition. $75 shipped OBO.


Taisol Heatsink/fan (i used it with the Tbird 1.4 gig chip). Model CGK760092. This is cold forged aluminum with impact forged CopperBase for enhanced heat transfer. The copper base was originally lapped smooth, but has some scratches... so it needs to be sanded smooth again. I'm too lazy to do it before i sell it. The fan on top is a globalwin fan. I don't remember if it came with the heatsink or I added it as it's been quite a while since I assembled the system that it came out of. $22 shipped obo.

Linksys LNE100tx version 4 Lan card. $10 shipped.
Windows 95 CD $15 shipped
Sonic MyDVD cdrom version 4.0 sealed cd. CD only. $8 shipped.
Dr. Andrew Weil Taking care of your self cd's. 4cd's. $12 shipped.
Dr. Andrew Weil 4 cd set: Breating: The master key to self healing & Meditation for optimum health. $12 shipped.

Paypal preferred. I usually ship within 1-2 days of receiving payment. For paypal you must be verified and have a confirmed shipping address


I'm looking for:

HP 96, 97 and 99 ink cartridges

Verbatim 8x branded 8.5GB dual layer disks. The ones that are truely 8x.

Tigerdirect stackable gift cards
Amazon.com stackable gift certificates
HSN Gift Cards
Whole Foods Gift Cards.
Banana Republic Gift Cards.
Nordstrom Gift Cards.

Email me with what you have. Thanks.


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