View Full Version : Two Worlds, No sound Issue

06-08-07, 07:01 PM
Im running Two Worlds, fully patched, on Vistax86...

I have all the latest updates, including DX9 June, and all the codecs one would need. But I have no sound at all in game...

06-08-07, 10:15 PM
Anyone? (sofahide)

06-08-07, 11:01 PM
problem number 1 (lee63)

and problem number 2
and all the codecs one would need

you probably have to many codec, installing codec packs can cause problems, and incorrect codec takes over audio format that it not supposed to and in this cause could result in no sound

06-08-07, 11:05 PM
*ignores the (lee63) comment*


I doubt its the codecs. Every all game runs great, and sounds amazing (thanks to xfi). I believe its an actual game error.

Ive read installing DX June would fix it, but it doesnt.

06-08-07, 11:13 PM
How did you get Two Worlds? Its not do for release(in the US) until 7/17...

06-08-07, 11:15 PM
How did you get Two Worlds? Its not do for release(in the US) until 7/17...
Yeah i thought the game isn't out yet ..

06-08-07, 11:19 PM
As far a I can tell its not available anywhere yet.....so if your asking for help on cracked alpha\beta software.....All I have to add is; "wth do you expect?"

06-08-07, 11:38 PM
I expect answers, but I guess i wont get any lol

I'll just have to wait it out i suppose

06-09-07, 12:07 AM
I thought this game had already been released in parts of Europe? /shrug

06-09-07, 12:36 AM
Well, so far all the codecs (filters) I have ever needed are:

ac3 filter
DivX ;-) 3.11
Lame MP3

No codec pack has ever been needed, nor will ever find itself installed on my box.

Plays just about anything, for everything else, theres VLC (~1% of videos).

06-09-07, 01:04 AM
I uninstalled my "Vista Codec Package 4.5" but there is still no sound present

It may have something to do with a WM9 codec it wants me to install, but Vista doesnt want to run it