View Full Version : Error 12 in Vista Geforce 7600GT SLI

06-09-07, 10:35 AM
I have this problem since Vista beta, and now I have the same on Vista Ultimate Retail, before I begin I have to clear this out:
everything is ok on Both Windows XP x32 and x64.
now to my problem:
I have SLI system 2 leadtek Geforece 7600GT Extreme 256 Mb cards on DFI Infinity SLI mobo, they both have non original overclocked bios.
Since early Alfa of windows Vista thru all Betas and RTM and now on retail Ultimate, one of my cards always have Error 12 in device manager not enough resources or conflict.
personally I forgot about this type of error since XP, it was popular in Win95,98, but its weird to see it on VISTA.
what more annoying that I remember in win95 there was an option to change IRQ and memory range, but in Vista its all grayed out.
I think its not driver related, because there was so many drivers since Alfa of Vista.

Any ideas how to solve this?

thanks in advance.