View Full Version : K8N Neo v2 IDE driver problem

06-09-07, 11:18 AM
System Specs:

MSI K8N Neo V2 mobo: latest bios
Athlon 64 3200+ (venice core) running @ 2.2ghz

Sony 52x cd-rom drive
Seagate ata 133 160 gig HD
1024 MB kingston 3200 value ram
coolmax CX-450 Power supply

Heres problem: The stock winXP IDE driver seems to be fine. When I install ANY SW IDE driver made by nvidia, I lose the Integrated soundcard, and my cdrom.

If I uninstall the driver, everything comes back.

Anyone got a clue?


06-24-07, 02:09 PM
Welp, solved this myself.

Just for future reference for anyone having this problem, heres where it is narrowed down:

-I pulled the new sony cd-rom and put the old toshiba cd-rom back in.
-And flashed the bios to the correct ones.

One of these actions did the trick, but Im not gonna sit here and find out which one.
My guess is the bios flash did it.

Btw, anyone with this board: K8N Neo V2.0 H, you need the bios version v5.x.
The Live update 9.xx's are not the right ones, neither are v7.x. This board has had many revisions and the different versions can be confusing, even to MSI tech support. :o