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03-30-03, 10:41 AM
I repeat, Gaaaaargh!!!!:banghead: well I finally got round to putting the system together, went through the POST, hurrah! But now the damn thing is complaining about not having a hard drive. The hard drive shows up in the bios with no problem, but when it comes round to the windows 2000 setup it bitches about it.

Someone either give me a sledgehammer or point out where I went wrong;) :p

03-30-03, 12:46 PM
I was thinking its no doubt going to be something to do with formatting, now how the smeg do I format the thing. I'm lost without disk management:o :D

03-30-03, 12:57 PM
...booting up with a 98se disk and "fdisk"? Wipe out the partition, re-partition it, and then just let 2K find an unformatted empty drive?

I've done that before to fix some REALLY messed up OS installs and it generally gets rid of everything. ;)

03-30-03, 01:06 PM
well I downloaded a little program from the WD site and made a bootable floppy. That did not detect the drive:argh:

The Baron
03-30-03, 01:16 PM
Ah, my son.

Boot from the Win2K CD and enter the Recovery Console. Run fdisk, delete the partition. Then, reboot. Now, try to install Win2k.

That's assuming you want to completely wipe the drive ;)

03-30-03, 01:19 PM
I'll give it a shot, but now even the bios wont read the damn drive:mad:

03-30-03, 01:25 PM
Same old crap, no disk blah blah:rw:

I just cannot understand it, yesterday it was detected and now its not:confused: Well I am off for the night, I'll come back to this tommorow with a sledge hammer:mad:

03-30-03, 02:34 PM
Sounds like it could be a loose or bad power connector.

Try unplugging the one that's on that drive now and plug a different one in.

03-30-03, 02:53 PM
I tried that one too earlier, I'll try some others tommorow

if the drive is dead I'm gonna be pissed:D

03-30-03, 03:05 PM
Try manual clearing your cmos on the mobo if all else fails, sometimes a dying battery on your mobo can cause all kinds of funky weirdness.

03-30-03, 06:53 PM
i don't mean to downplay your technical knowledge UK, but are you by chance plugging the HD into the raid channel on the mobo?

You have to install a ide driver for the setup for "third party SCSI or RAID devices"

The bios for the raid chip would detect your hd immediately after the initial bios post. Same for scsi cards w/a boot bios.

I mean that would explain your problem perfectly, all the other solutions in the other posts don't really make any sense (with the exception of clearing the bios, and checking the molex plug.) The setup for win2k detects the HD through what the bios tells it AFAIK. Then looks to the hd itself for the hd info, such as partition info and file system type.

03-31-03, 06:24 AM
Well I discovered what it was, I remember the night when I first powered up that everything was detected in the bios but it would complain about no 80 pin cable on the secondary ide connector *slams a new cable on the desk* muhahahaha let me at it now!:D

For some reason the hard drive and the dvd drive did not want to play nice on the same cable no matter what I tried. I think I have the problem solved now, I'll post a triumph post later tonight when I get home:cool:

03-31-03, 01:54 PM
Nope no joy, its detected in the bios again but before I can get any further I get the no 80 conductor error. The only cable which seems to work is the one that came with the mobo, and that wont play nice with the dvd drive. WTF is going on here? :mad:

03-31-03, 02:07 PM
There could be a bent pin or bad connection behind the pin on the drive. It's common for pins to get bent.

03-31-03, 02:23 PM
I think I might have found the problem, keyword "think". Now awaiting on a new cable from a place where they can tell the difference between a 40 and a 80 pin. Kill smash maim!

03-31-03, 02:29 PM
Either cable (40 or 80) will work. It will only work at half speed, though it should get recognized. If the drive is alone have you tried switching to 'cable select' ?

03-31-03, 02:32 PM
Well even the 40 that got thrown in with the package wont work, same no 80 error. It's bloody weird, if it refuses to work with the cables I have just ordered then it's going to a damn shop. I'll let some poor pleb deal with it.

The Baron
03-31-03, 02:59 PM
My God, man, are you trying to put your DVD drive and your hard drive on the same IDE channel?!


NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER put them on the same channel unless you have a DAMN GOOD reason to. And if you only have a DVD drive and a hard drive, that's not a damn good reason. CD-RWs and DVDs play nice on the same channel--optical drives and hard drives do not.

03-31-03, 03:03 PM
Well the hard drive wont play nice on the same channel as anything;)

03-31-03, 07:54 PM
Maxtor Hard Drive? They print the master/ slave guide upside down on some drives. (Check where the key is.)

04-01-03, 01:38 AM
WD I have all the jumper settings right, as all the drives show up in the bios when the hard drive is on the primary controller by itself and the CDRW and DVD are on the secondary as master and slave. I am pretty sure its the cable due to this 80 connector error. I've ordered one from a computer store that actually has good hardware, instead of the local Compaq wannabe.:D

04-01-03, 08:37 AM
Whew... I figured you'd have tons of extra cables and already ruled that out! I have ~20 extras here, some brand new unopened. Btw, this place; http://www.svcompucycle.com/ often has rounded cables dirt cheap!

04-01-03, 01:14 PM
:o I learned a vital lesson, always have plenty spare:D

04-04-03, 01:52 PM
Well its still not working, cable makes it POST fine then when it comes to the win2k install it takes ages for the install screen to load then I get a nice I/O error on the drive. Fek it, its going to the shop:mad:

The only problem is I am not sure if we have anyone competant in this town that I trust not to either charge too much cash or say "ohh dear its all dead looks like we need new stuff".

04-04-03, 02:13 PM
Do you have a Linux (Red Hat or Mandrake, say) install CD lying around that you could try? I had to do that to "rescue" my W2k installation when I first tried installing it...

And you mentioned that you have the jumpers set up right....does that mean that you're using jumpers, or just letting the cable detect the drive(s)?

Man, that's frustrating!