View Full Version : "Headshot" : The 1st Candy Bar For Gamers

06-11-07, 05:45 PM
Yep , if you suck at CS .. try some of these!!

Headshot is a toffee flavored Guarana Infused Candy bar dedicated to the gamer lifestyle. In a world of the late night Mountain Dew, Red Bull, Rockstar drinking gaming generation. We have released a candy bar not only to give you that little extra boost but more importantly "It tastes good!"

Initial distribution of Headshot will be through PC and console gaming centers around the country. LanLizards Game Cafe President Jonathan Zook (Mishawaka, IN) says, "The combination of chocolate, toffee and chewy crisps makes this a deliciously irresistable snack, and the punch of caffeine makes it that much more desirable." The tournament and competition atmosphere of gaming centers truly make them the perfect locations to launch Headshot. We also plan to sponsor LAN parties and eSporting events.


06-12-07, 12:30 AM
lol @ CS:SAUCE

06-12-07, 12:33 AM
I suck at deathmatches...its well embarassing..was playing half life 2 deatmatch..first time in ages....got seriously pwned like 5 frags for 15 deaths....so after one hour of being everyone else's bitch...I disconnected from the server gacefully by calling everyone a bitch.....well after they had routinely and repeatedly "bitch slapped" me about.

Wonder if these bars will do me any good?

06-12-07, 12:43 AM
:lol2: Don't feel bad man I can't play CS:S to save my soul. I am good at FPS but not CS:S.