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06-12-07, 11:06 PM
For the life of me Koolance ships 98% percent of their parts used to their online customers who think their getting new...when it's not. Some of the waterblocks I've ordered from Koolance.com look doctored up or they repackaged them because someone returned it and then reship it like it's new. Why you might ask? Well, I'm finding all kinds of inperfections on so called new water cooling blocks they shipped me. These guys played to many foot balls games with out a helmet because they pull stock and parts that look like they fell out of someone's a$$. Every company has a dirty secret and I'm sure this is one of them. They have no quality control on shipping combined items. it's as if they just threw it in the box and didn't care. Put short, I'm hoping to move forward and try a newer better company who sells brand new products not used or at least don't look like it was up someone's a$$! it's just really said that Koolance is that stupid to treat their repeat customers in such a manner.

06-12-07, 11:37 PM
Try these guys (lee63) http://www.dtekcustoms.com/index.asp

06-13-07, 01:14 AM
That is what happens when you don't have proper processes in place to maintain quality control or assurance. Root of all quality related problems, QA and QC are buggered...no checks..no one held accountable...no CARs and the problem proliferates throughout the system

06-13-07, 08:55 AM
Koolance wants an arm and a leg for the cost of their parts and then they ship it like *****. For example, I ordered a side panel with window black. I get the side panel only to find inperfections on it with broken glass on the inner side of the glass window at the bottom. Part of it's frame is bent at the bottom and they never included any keys to lock the side door. Plus there's chipped paint...what the hell? Are you trying to not keep customers or are you just that F&*%$*$ stupid Koolance? Who's ever picking and pulling this ***** sure is stupid and can't see inperfections. No wonder the service level in this country sucks so bad it's because they hire stupid a$$e$ who will work for next nothing just to have a job. The sad thing to all this is that it's happened to me more then once with Koolance being well known for their level of *****ty service on product inspections before shipment. I wish their level of observation was high. A final word, Koolance has product innovation but no motive for quality control.

06-13-07, 08:56 AM
It's a shame because I personally believe Koolance makes some great products. It seems like this happens with alot of companies that become popular after a while (i.e. NewEgg).

06-13-07, 10:39 AM
It's a shame because I personally believe Koolance makes some great products. It seems like this happens with alot of companies that become popular after a while (i.e. NewEgg).
For the record, I've had better luck with Newegg vs buying directly from Koolance. Koolance on the other hand needs to clean house and hire someone that has 20/20 vision because after all...you don't want some retard a$$ pulling parts from the stock room if it's going to have a micro leak or worst case, a crack in the waterblock. I can see it now on the news Koolance recall on all waterblocks made in Japan!!! Koolance is by far in no way perfect. Their always revising the exact same product because they didn't do it right the first time. I never see other computer watercooling companies have to do that. That's because they know what the hell their doing when they build it using 3D CAD Design and let's not forget that it's new so pre-inspection needs to be up to standards. That is the formula for success!

06-15-07, 02:39 PM
Here's how I define how bad Koolance quality control sucks a$$!