View Full Version : Updating to sis agp 1.15 turns my drivers into 1.12!

03-30-03, 03:52 PM
My cd drivers that I installed yesterday from my gigabyte sinxp1394 mobo came with 1.13 AGP drivers ( and I downloaded the sis agp driver 1.15 today (even though the sis website doesnt have this chipset as upgradable to 1.15, I did so cause other people with the same mobo did from this forum, stupid me) and extracted the 1.15 drivers and rebooted. Well then I went into device manager and my drivers went to AGP 1.12 revision level (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the He!! is going on???????????????? I quickly did a system restore on xp. Help! Does 1.14 or 1.15 do anything different than 1.13? If so how and the HE!! am I gonna upgrade when my upgrades downgrade my pc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-30-03, 04:25 PM
dont worry... mine says the same thing after updating.

03-30-03, 04:50 PM
So do I then really have 1.15 drivers????:afraid:

03-30-03, 05:00 PM
i fixed it!! after reading your post i decided to try to mess around with it a little... i found that if i update my agp driver manually, by going to update driver on the driver properties page, that it shows version 1.15. why the exe doesnt work... i dunno. but updating it manually does :)


03-30-03, 06:13 PM
so you downloaded it on your hard drive and went to look for it manually?? Then updated???

03-30-03, 06:32 PM
Download the file and uncompress it somewhere convenient (if it's just an .exe, chances are it will still uncompress if you have winace or winrar installed).

Then right click my computer, properties, hardware, device manager and find the SIS AGP miniport in the device list, bring up properties for that device, click update driver, then point the wizard at the directory you uncompressed to.

03-30-03, 06:44 PM
Ok alls good now and updated, does anyone see a difference????:confused:

03-31-03, 11:42 AM
Installing the 1.14 drivers by the setup program always resulted in the 1.12.3 version being installed. After doing a manual install with the 1.14 version INF file you would end up with the 1.14 drivers but 8X agp was hosed(non-working). After a manual install of 1.15 drivers do you still have 8X agp working?

03-31-03, 12:09 PM
In bios it says something like "flexable agp8x" and the two choices auto enable and agp4x enable. In settings Im not sure cause Im not home right now but should it give you an agp8x option? Where are verifing agp8x after you upgrade chipset drivers?

03-31-03, 01:10 PM
it still says my mobo is working at 8x

03-31-03, 05:20 PM
When i go into settings and advanced my bus setting says agp4x how can I get it to say 8x???:confused:

03-31-03, 06:56 PM
That's the same problem I had with manually installing the INF file with the 1.14 drivers. It shows 8X as available but just won't stay. I am assuming that installing the INF manually is making it use a driver that it shouldn't be. That version must only be for certain chipset versions. Prob. why setup does not install that version and uses the 1.12.3. Just install the agp drivers with the setup.exe and 8X should come back. The 1.12.3 version works just fine.

03-31-03, 07:04 PM
"Just install the agp drivers with the setup.exe and 8X should come back. The 1.12.3 version works just fine".

What agp drivers? I got agp 1.15 installed. Which is 1.12.3? :confused:

03-31-03, 07:08 PM
In the 1.15 folder that you extracted just open it up and double click setup.exe. Otherwise just manually update the driver but this time dig down and get the INF out of the "Old" folder

03-31-03, 07:08 PM
This is my version in device manager for sis agp drivers, these looks like 1.15 to me.?.?.?

My bios still says I only got an option for 4x and these board supports 8x so does my video card. :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu:

03-31-03, 07:12 PM
I dont understand old folder with INF file, I didnt see a inf file in old folder.

"Otherwise just manually update the driver but this time dig down and get the INF out of the "Old" folder"

03-31-03, 07:27 PM
To update manually, point to the place you extracted it to then agp115\AGP\old\WINXP . For example if you extracted to C: and use XP it would be C:\agp115\AGP\old\WINXP.
When you installed them originally you had them right. The easiest way is just un-install the 1.15 then re-run from setup. They should read and look like this

03-31-03, 07:57 PM
What is in agp 1.15 which is the newest driver but yet you says open the old folder in 1.15?. Sorry Im a little confused.:confused:

03-31-03, 08:09 PM
Mine now says Doesnt the 115o mean 1.15? Also I dont understand why There is an old folder in the laset 1.15 drivers? What in this folder will give me an option in bios for 8x? Also what about the current folder what does it do and do I update to it manually?

03-31-03, 08:14 PM
When you originally installed the drivers you must have used the setup program. The setup program checks and install the best version for your chipset. For my chipset it selects version 1.12.3 from the old folder because that is the best one. The 1.15 in the current folder might be newer but it is probably not for our chipsets. I don't know this but it could be for a board that only has 4X AGP which is why it is breaking 8X agp. To go back run set up, at the option screen select and use un-install. Then re-run setup. The version it installs is very stable and works flawlessly. I even like it better then 1.13.
Edit: I don't know why 8X does not show in your BIOS, your board supports it. I know when I do a manual install with the 1.14 or 1.15 file from the current folder with SIS AGP drivers it breaks 8X agp.