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06-13-07, 09:48 AM
Namco is releasing an update for Tekken 5 that will allow players to play online and have rankings! ****ING WOOT!

It will cost an extra $8 if you already purchased it but it adds more then a single mode.


06-13-07, 10:05 AM
I wonder how long before the US store gets it.

06-13-07, 10:42 AM
practice mode is also being added. very nice. :D

06-14-07, 11:35 AM
It is nice that they are adding the features to the game, but really shoulden't these things have been in from release and then to charge for them? I like the game (or did in the arcade anyway), but this is sounding like the developer is scrounging for cash.

06-14-07, 01:19 PM
Duh! Just like DLC from Xbox Live they are gouging us on these updates but atleast this is a significant addon that I would be more then willing to pay for.

06-14-07, 03:03 PM
Info on how the online works...

As we all know, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE is coming! Famitsu brings us new details and images from the upcoming upgrade. Click below to check out the new pictures and info!

From the latest reports, we can see that T5DR ONLINE’s interface will support a battle lobby where you can create and search for “battle rooms” to duke it out with others players. Each player has their name listed as well as a flag, which is good news, and indicates international play is likely.

While in battle rooms you have the option of inviting friends, viewing other people’s profiles, kicking people from the battle room, and even changing your starting position from first player side or second player side.

One of the best features to be unveiled is the existence of VOICE CHAT and the ability to have ranking matches with other people ONLINE.




We here at SD TEKKEN are extremely excited and will continue to bring any and all news on this title in the future! Stay tuned!

8 ppl per battle room and yes you can watch live.... :)

06-14-07, 03:51 PM
It's fine that they charge us for it but I do think that it's a little more than I was expecting. If it is $8 in Japan it'll be like $10 in the US. (Tekken : DR was $15 in Asia and $20 in the US).

I rarely play anything online, but I'd be more than happy to grab this since they are suppose to include a training mode and survival mode.

I hope they make the other videos of all the characters available for download. They might not be good "stories" but I do miss not having them.

06-15-07, 10:14 AM
I think $8 represents a good value added. Personally I'm looking forward to ranking up my Kazuya on the world stage. Back in college I went to Tekken Tournaments all over Florida, it'll be nice to now have skilled competition without driving all day to find it. :D