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06-14-07, 05:55 AM
Hi everyone,

I have an older game that according to the GeForce FAQ, I need to:
"Setting the texture alignment in the NVIDIA control panel to 0 may help the problem"
I currently have a 6600GT using the 93.71 nVidia drivers. The problem is, I cannot locate this setting in the nVidia control panel (using classic version). With a nVidia card I used to have some years ago, I do remember this setting in the control panel, and it did fix the problem I was having. I was wondering if someone could point me to where the setting is in the current drivers? I'm just hoping the nVidia hasn't removed it totally...



06-14-07, 07:13 PM
I don't ever recall that setting. They may have removed it in the newer drivers. Some older games simply won't run on newer cards. However, maybe someone else can help you.

06-15-07, 02:21 AM
I remember a setting from when I had a Ti4200... Texel alignment? Is that what you are referring to?

06-15-07, 02:26 AM
I remember a setting from when I had a Ti4200... Texel alignment? Is that what you are referring to?
Yes he is but, I do not recall the NV40 series ever having that in the control panel. maybe LOD bias set to clamp should do the trick?

06-15-07, 03:25 AM


It's greyed out on my setup. However, I don't really know off hand if it's a driver or hardware limitation.

06-15-07, 03:47 AM
Ah ha!!!!

06-16-07, 01:22 AM
Hi guys,

The game (Populous The Beginning - aka Populous 3) works ok, it's just some texture corruption that I was trying to get rid of. I had actually tried a number of other enhancers (DirectX Tweaker, NVTray, nHancer and NVTweak), RivaTuner was the only one I hadn't tried. Now, that option is greyed out on my PC too - as rewt said it could be a hardware limitation, but if anyone knows how to get that option enabled, please let me know.


Edit: Damn, the context help for that field says: "Due to the driver's limitation, the texel alignment cannot be adjusted on GeForce3 and higher". That's a big downer - Populous 3 isn't that old a game, and it would seem that I need to find an older PC with a pre-GeForce3 graphics card in it to play it. Or see how an ATI card works maybe.