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06-14-07, 08:25 AM

Thursday, June 14, at 2 a.m. GMT, the stakes get even higher as Gears of War releases eight new Achievements for the “Annex” gametype and the “Hidden Fronts” Multiplayer Map Pack on Xbox LIVE®.

In addition to adding new Achievements, worth a total of 250 points, Gears of War developer Epic has improved the Roadie Run controls so players have greater control of their movement and can better annihilate their pestilent enemies. The title update will also help squash multiplayer exploits and provide general housekeeping.

For those who have yet to man up and join the battle, the “Annex” gametype is now available for free and the “Hidden Fronts” Multiplayer Map Pack is available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points. All four multiplayer maps will be made available at no cost over Xbox LIVE on Sept. 3, 2007.

Release Notes

* New Achievements added! Eight new achievements worth a total of 250 points created for playing Annex and the Hidden Fronts Multiplayer Map Pack
* Improved Roadie Run to reduce getting snagged on cover
* Tweaked up the amount of damage done by the Lancer Assault Rifle in multiplayer
* Fixed split-screen players interrupting the other player’s actions when they die
* Stopped Annex scoring whenever a “Connection Error” dialog box is displayed
* Reduced the duration that corpses remain visible when hosting an Annex match
* Reduced the range of possible Annex bleed-out times selectable by host
* Addressed a number of multiplayer exploits
* Addressed other general housekeeping

06-14-07, 11:29 AM
It is great to see that Epic is continuing to improve their console titles unlike a number of other developers. Things bode well for ?UT4? in the cross platform arena.

06-14-07, 11:41 AM
You mean UT3? I think it will do great, as long as Epic stays AWAY from "Games for Windows."

06-14-07, 12:05 PM
#3 is the new one? I haven't played it since UT, so many other things to play.
Games for windows isn't all that bad so long as it isn't Vista only. I doubt epic would make it Vista only as it limits their pc market. I do run vista however.

06-14-07, 12:34 PM
I'm quite the constant complainer, but I have nothing negative to say about Epic. They make great, bug free, excelllent running games for a wide variety of machines and have a netcode for fps's unlike any other. They're what ID was in the mid 90's.