View Full Version : GRAW2 Gets AGEIA-Exclusive Level

06-15-07, 07:29 PM
Another pathetic attempt by AGEIA to pimp their PhysX card ...
The game also features an innovative PhysX hardware bonus level that delivers an action-packed, physics-intensive mission available exclusively to owners of the AGEIA PhysX accelerator.
Not only will all levels of the game be enhanced with PhysX, but owners of the AGEIA PhysX accelerator will be able to take on an additional hardware-accelerated, fully immersive mission known as "AGEIA Island." This exclusive level features a fully destructible environment with groundbreaking environmental physics and persistent effects. Here, gamers can morph the environment to complete the mission in new, game-changing ways. Nearly every element in the level is physically modeled to enable strategically significant real-time interaction.

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06-15-07, 08:51 PM
Even with PhysX cards down to $150, it's still not worth it. Maybe if the number of supported titles grows, but even then... eh.

06-15-07, 08:57 PM
Not usable for people running dual slot cards SLI + sound card anyways.

06-15-07, 09:15 PM
Yea, we need PCIe physics cards.

I would like to see some videos of this map, I have a physx card, but it is just sitting on my desk doing nothing :o

06-15-07, 10:34 PM
We need motherboards with are specifically made with people like us in mind. The PCIe slots are in standard positions for SLI, but spacing the PCI slots further from the PCIe, to fit more gear in. That way, the motherboard can be longer than a normal one, and also require us to buy a new, taller, case in which to fit it in. It could be called the CTX standard. (The C stands for Cash)

06-16-07, 02:42 AM
when are we going to see some good graphics card based physics implementations?

06-16-07, 08:40 AM
So this brings the amount of ageia physics supported games up to.... 3?

06-16-07, 08:54 AM
wohooo a WHOLE LVL!! :rolleyes:

cant they just die...

06-16-07, 09:05 AM
Worst hardware invention evar!!

06-16-07, 09:35 AM
lmao... ill pick it up when its in the garbage bin for $10