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06-16-07, 06:45 PM
I am sick and tired of still not having 720p functionality under Vista on my 8800GTX > DVI > LCD TV even with the latest WHQL or beta drivers. I have the 720p option, but when I go to use it, it just feeds a wrong/invalid mode to the TV and it goes into standby. 720p has always worked and is still working perfectly under XP, and no matter what I try in Vista, ie Powerstrip custom modes etc etc, it just won't work. There was 1 time it did, I believe with an older Vista driver, but haven't been able to get it working again with any of the recent drivers. If it's not fixed up very very soon, I will be returning my card.
Not being able to use a basic function such as the HDTV modes with something that was classed as "Vista Ready" is ridiculous.

I have a feeling Nvidia's drivers may be screwing up the EDID info somewhere along the line?

06-16-07, 07:42 PM
Are you sure your LCD's native res isn't 1,366 x 768? My Sharp Aquos' native res is 1,366 x 768 and I've got it hooked up to a Vista machine with a 7600 and it looks fantastic.

06-17-07, 04:44 AM
My TV's native res is 1366x768 same as yours, but I'm unable to go into that either under Vista. Both 1280x720 and 1366x768 work fine in XP, but under Vista the TV just sees them as invalid modes and goes into standby. They've totally screwed up somewhere.

06-17-07, 06:52 AM
My Hitaci Plasma TV doe sthe same thing. And I am unable to force 1366X768 60 HZ. At that resolution it only ses 50Hz and will not allow my tv to recognize this. I did see somewhere that someone modified teh INF file to support all the HZ range up to 120 Hz. Sorry I don't have teh link. And I haven't had time to install the drivers with the midified INF to see if it will work on my TV.

Hopefully that might help you out. If you can mod the INF file yourself you shoudl be able to get it to work.

And Yes Nvidia has really drop the ball in that regard.

06-17-07, 12:29 PM
Strange. Don't know what to tell you. It's worked fine on both my new 37" Sharp and my old 27" Maxent.

06-17-07, 05:39 PM
Which drivers you using?

It actually worked for me once, but have no idea what drivers they were. I think they were old ones, and only after a clean Vista install. I still think Nvidia's drivers are screwing up with the EDID somehow.

And thanks Newfiejudd for that info. I have tried modding the inf to support 1280x720, but not sure about how to do the refresh parts. Will have to a bit more looking.

Also, I was mistaken about 1366x768 in Vista. It was 1360x765 that's listed. I don't have 1366x768 res listed and since 'custom modes' is not in Nvidia control panel at the moment, not sure how to get it? Powerstrip's 'custom timing' option is greyed out too, so can't use that. Maybe I'll try the inf mod again for that?

06-19-07, 01:55 PM
Slightly off topic, but does anyone know how to use clone mode with two different resolutions? I set my resolution at 1280x1024, but it goes to both my monitor & my HDTV. I want to set them independently, so that the monitor gets fed 1280x1024 and the TV gets fed 1366x768.

I tried setting it independently, but when I do that, my TV says "No Signal".... :(


06-20-07, 03:42 AM
I have a notebook with a Geforce8600M GT (Acer5920) and Vista Home Premium.
And HDMI doesn't seem to work with the newest Vista driver and my Toshiba 37" TV. All I get is a blank screen. :(
50 or 60 Hz aren't possible, only 25 or 30Hz...

regards Dennis