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06-20-07, 01:48 PM
So after my 2nd 360 stopped reading game discs I decided, since my warranty period is up and I'm not spending any amount of money to replace the console, that I'd take the thing apart and explore a little.

The first thing that struck me was, despite that I still feel that build quality is less than stellar, it's amazing the console is able to produce the kind of graphics and performance it does with what appears to be so few parts. Obviously I'd be more impressed if the only two I've owned hadn't pooped out.

Anyways, since I'd already broken the ice and cracked the thing open I decided I'd go for the gold and completely dismantle the DVD Drive; which is what I believe is causing the problem.

The drive will read DVD's and CD's just fine but fails every time to read any game discs. Even brand new discs taken from the package to the drive are not read. I started fishing through xbox-scene and lamma to see what other people might have done in this situation. And that's how I stumbled upon the "pot settings."

With my trusty multimeter and a 2mm flat head I made a few adjustments to the pot settings of the Samsung TS-H943 laser unit. The original pot value was 4.31K which, through trial and error, I brought down to 3.18K. At 3.18K every single game, even the most scratched up SC: DA disc, booted up on the first try. (nana2)

So there you go. Pot's, multimeter's, and 3.18K later and I’m back in business. There's only one problem. I don't really care to play any of my games anymore. After this second console gave me trouble I already got it in my head that I'm on my way back to a new gaming rig, and we all know once that seed is planted there's no stopping its growth! :D

06-20-07, 01:56 PM
I wonder why its set like that. The 360 seems a lot fussier about disks than other system/ devices in my experience.

06-20-07, 01:59 PM
I wonder why its set like that. The 360 seems a lot fussier about disks than other system/ devices in my experience.

I'm wondering that myself. 4.31K is a really weak setting. I'm not sure if they are just trying to get the laser to last longer than normal or if the laser is just so crappy that a more powerful setting significantly reduces the life of the laser. I'll let you know!

At 3.18K, the laser is more powerful, and so if the thing can't handle it, I should know in the next couple months if not sooner.

06-20-07, 02:21 PM
I would be willing to pay a bit more to get a drive that works better and longer. I replaced my original xbox once because of a drive issue that turned out to be a disk issue.

06-20-07, 04:36 PM
The agreement MS made with the original drive manufacturer and the next manufacturer produced the drives we have today, which I'm sure we all can agree are crappy at best. MS has now inked a deal with liteon to produce the new & quiet drives for the 360s, but I'm unsure when those will go into production.