View Full Version : Can't run 3DMark2001SE after upgrading to DX9a and 43.65

Admiral Horror
03-31-03, 10:26 AM
Well, like the title says, I can't run 3DMark2001SE after upgrading my XP SP1 system to DX9a runtime and 43.45 detonator. The error message I am getting is the one complaining about the version of DX and telling me to install 8.1 The DXdiag runs perferctly on all interfaces (7, 8 and 9). The vidcard is MSI GF4 MX440 (yes, I know I know :-), still should work)

Any ideas?


03-31-03, 10:36 AM
I had that problem too...'til I realized I had 3dm2k1se version 300 installed. Installing the 330 patch fixed it right up for me.

That was with DX9 though, I haven't taken the DX9a plunge yet. (I'm still waiting for the redistributable. ;) )