View Full Version : Wii cures cancer? Well, sort of.

06-20-07, 02:21 PM
Wii's psychological impact may even speed up the recovery process. Mary Jane Zamora, who lives in Redondo Beach, Calif., has battled breast cancer since she was diagnosed in February 2005. After a round of chemotherapy before Christmas in December, she was too tired to get off the couch. Then her grown daughters brought over a Wii. Together they played bowling, tennis and golf. "It got a little exhausting," Zamora says, but she was hooked and began playing on her own every day. Soon after joining a local bowling league, she was named the league's Most Improved Player. "What this game did for me was encourage me that I could still do these kinds of things," she says. "It came around when I needed it. I can see where people could really benefit from being able to interact without having do to much physical exertion."

Mary Jane Zamora, 50, doesn’t need an academic to tell her that playing games has helped to boost her well-being.

Zamora, of Redondo Beach, California, is recovering from a bout with breast cancer and has been rebuilding her strength and agility playing virtual golf, bowling and tennis on Nintendo’s new Wii console, which has a motion-sensing controller that lets players mimic real-world moves.

Zamora, who worked in advertising for years, said the games helped her visualize her new life after her “year of fear.”

“My life is coming back. It’s not about loss. It’s about setting aside what I was and evolving into an even better person ... This has been a cornerstone,” said Zamora.



06-20-07, 03:41 PM
It sounds too good to be true, almost like a marketing stunt. But it's cool if it's true.

06-20-07, 07:56 PM
Shows how addicting games are doesn't it? She was too lazy to get her ass off the couch before the console but she starting doing stuff once she played games for hours on end.