View Full Version : Deus Ex HDTP needs YOU!

06-20-07, 08:31 PM
I'm going to cut straight to the chase here folks - below is a list of what's left to do (bar the characters). That's it and it's all that is stopping us from releasing this baby.

We need the following to help us finish this mod off!
1. UVmapper and texturer - you MUST be able to do both. That is an absolute must. We could do with 2 people with this skillset.

2. An animator (2 if we can get hold of you!) - you MUST have experience in unreal1 style animation. You must have animated characters for unreal1 before. This is critical and it would be helpful to see some examples of your work.

If you can help out please send an email to bann79 at gmail dot com.

I have the link to the HDTP homepage in my sig, but if you have them turned off or just don't pay attention to them then here it is: http://www.offtopicproductions.com/hdtp/index.php