View Full Version : Flatout Carnage : MS Wheel Support?

06-21-07, 01:58 AM
Just wondering if anyone knew if the Flatout had MS Wheel support?

Since playing Forza 2 with the wheel, I can't picture getting into any driving games again without the trusty wheel, just wouldn't feel right.

06-21-07, 04:00 AM
Close thread!

Just got the game through the post and it has Force feedback wheel on the specs part , back of case.

Result! ....time to play.

Edit: This game is awesome, amazing fun! Can't wait to get ramming people off the track on Xbox Live.

06-21-07, 07:38 AM
I know some games just play better without the wheel. Burnout comes to mind.

06-21-07, 08:10 AM
Seriously, this game does make use of the wheel.... its amazing. Like when some SOB is ramming your car, you feel the resistance on the wheel so have to fight them off. This game is crazy!