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06-21-07, 02:30 AM
I have an 8800GTS 320MB BFG with 2 widescreen monitors (Fujitsu-Siemens W19-1) with native resolution of 1440x900. I recently bought a plasma (Panasonic 42PV70) and since the component connection was the only one available (as both my DVIs are occupied), I also bought a component cable. Now I have a problem with the component connection and I assume it's driver related. I used both 158.22 and 158.27 (Windows XP SP2).

From Set Up Multiple Display I can now choose more combinations when Dual View is ticked. If I choose Monitor 1 + HDTV the image appears on Monitor 1 and the plasma, but on the plasma it's not full screen. I have to run the tv wizard also to tell the driver to use 720p instead of 1080i, because changing it from Change the HD Signal section does not work. So, bug 1, it's not full screen and bug 2 changing the HDTV signal results in no change at all. Bug 3, any combination of Monitor 1/Monitor 2 + HDTV doesn't give me the option to resize HDTV. I actually have to change to HDTV+Monitor1 or Monitor 2 to get the Resive HDTV option (or Single display and choose HDTV). In this case I also run the tv wizard to be able to change from 1080i to 720p because the Change HD signal does not work and then resize the image on the plasma. It works great. I spent 5 hours yesterday figuring this out. :D BUT, there is a big BUT here. When I'm done with the plasma and revert to Dual View with two monitors, one of the monitor has a 1280x1024 resolution. Yes, I've checked the monitor info menu and it reports that resolution and the image looks like on D-Sub, a little out of phase. The resolution reported in Windows is 1440x900, but it's reported wrong. Any attempt to change the resolution fails. The resolution is stuck at 1280x1024. After changing a few times between Singe and Dual View, both my monitors had this problem. The problem persists even after a restart. The only solution is to uninstall and reinstall the drivers, but as soon as I follow the same procedure, the problem appears. I thinks it's driver related. Bug, I don't know, 4? Can someone give me any input? Can I report it to nvidia? thanks I'm a pretty patient guy and I love my nvidia card, but if the problem persists in future driver version I will have to try ATI :(

06-23-07, 08:14 AM
come on, no one had this problem?