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03-31-03, 02:40 PM
Hi folks..Forum newbie - how you all doing?

I have just run the PCI/AGP cardBus diagnostic in Sandra Pro and found that my PNY GF4 Ti4800 is actually an MSI! What's all that about? See the picture below:

http://www.thirdform.net/sandra agp report.JPG

I did a quick net search and found nothing linking PNY to MSI.

So is it Sandra misbehaving? I wouldn't have thought so but you never know.

It's funny because out of the final two cards I was looking at, the other one was an MSI!

One other point of interest is that on bootup, I don't get any AGP BIOS text whatsover. This is the first card I have had that has done this and I've had several Nvidias.

Thanks for taking the time to look and hope someone can shed some light on this. Cheers, Sam.

03-31-03, 03:46 PM
PNY cards are made by MSI. PNY cards typically contain fewer frills in terms of software bundles in the retail packaging.

Look at it this way - the Lexus ES300 and Toyota Camry are pretty much the same car in terms of their internal workings. But the Lexus has more extra luxury features. The Camry is like the PNY card, the ES300, the retail MSI.

03-31-03, 03:51 PM
I see. That clears that one up! Thanks for the quick response btw. All the best, Sam.

04-02-03, 12:54 PM
How about this...

I have a pny 4600.. and the system thinks that its a 4800.. what is that all about?

04-02-03, 02:10 PM
Bizzare. Do you get that initial BIOS info about the card that I am lacking? Do you use Sandra and if so, what does that report?

04-02-03, 02:44 PM
no extra programs. And its had no bios increases. Just plugged in, driver installed.. bam 4800.. whacky