View Full Version : Windows XP 32-bit, 160.02 drivers, 8800gtx, etc. BF2142, R6:Vegas, etc. crash

06-22-07, 10:26 PM

New OS installation of Windows XP 32 bit, SP2, with a bunch of service updates (I usually don't do any Windows updates other than SP2). Well, now I'm getting freezing in BF2142 and R6:Vegas.

Just to check, I turned down the OC on my card (to 620 on core and 950 on mem), and turned down my CPU OC to 2.5ghz and turned the voltage down JUST TO MAKE SURE it wasn't anything like that.

I think it's just the 160.02 drivers. I love these drivers, they don't crash in the NVcontrol panel like the 157.22 and other drivers I have tried.

So anyone else have this issue? Also, drivers would you recommend, now, that I have been through 157.22 (crashing in the NV control panel), 160.02, etc.

I have played BF2, Quake Wars (Beta) for hours and had no problems, and played HL2: Lost Coast the whole way through, and even ran FRAPS to record HL2:LC (the whole level) and still no crashing, BTW.

Clarification: Usually the screen just turns black but I still hear the sound. A few times, the screen will stay "lit" and look regular, you just can click on anything. One time I was able to shift-tab out and end the process. However, videos would not play until I rebooted, so yep, I'm 99.98% sure it's 160.02 drivers, which I was loving. I think I'm just in self-denial. :(

06-22-07, 11:58 PM
Problem solved then, just roll back a to an earlier set that works!

160.02 were leaked anyways...

06-23-07, 12:03 AM
160.02 weren't really leaked, just not exactly meant for 8800s. You can download them from nzone and don't even need to modify the inf file. I don't understand some of those issues though as I don't have any freezing problems with Battlefield 2142.

06-23-07, 12:13 AM
Well, 157.22 seemed to have fixed them. :)