View Full Version : About Geforce 7300 and Linux

06-24-07, 09:47 PM
Dear all,
anyone knows whether the Geforce go 7300 is supported by redhat linux enterprise 3 or 4?
thank you for your help.

06-24-07, 10:14 PM
You may want to check into one of the Linux specific forums here, even though this is a hardware forum it is mostly Windows folks in here...

To answer your question, the nv (2D) driver will be there. If you don't want 3D acceleration, you will be all set. If you want the 3D as well, you will need to download and install the binary drivers from Nvidia's site. The current version is 100.14.11, which does have support for the go 7300. This page will help some:

Good luck!