View Full Version : 'Dead' GeForce4 Ti4200 (Palit)

03-31-03, 07:43 PM
Hi there, I have a Geforce 4 Ti4200 w/128MB

It is about 8 months old, and on Friday, it died. I did not get any funny stuff on the screen, it just quit sending to the monitor, then the computer rebooted and since then all it will do is beep at me (BIOS no video), with this card in.

I changed the video card to an older one, I had around, and the computer boots fine.

The only sign of distress I can see on the card is one of the 1000uF 6.3v capacitors appears 'swollen' at the top and has a bit of brown resin that may have come out of it.

Is it possible that this capacitor caused a full shutdown of the card, and is it possible that replacing the capacitor will fix the problem?

The card was purchased from a retailer that does not exist anymore, and Palit won't deal directly. (just another typical manufacturer hiding behind the retailer to get out of warranty)

03-31-03, 08:12 PM
A blown cap may be a very possible reason. Can you make a picture of it? It would be easier to identify hehe

03-31-03, 09:21 PM
A picture of the card, or the cap?

If you view the card with the faceplate on the left side, as you look at it, the capacitor in question is at the top left of the card.

There are 2 capacitors in the top left, with a coil in between. The one I think may be blown is to the right of the coil, not the one next to the faceplate.

I don't have a digital camera, or scanner so it may be difficult for me to get an actual picture, but if you think it would help, I will try.

04-02-03, 05:14 AM
Upon closer inspection of the card I have found a small IC that appears to have some really shoddy soldering. it is marked


as near as I can tell, and it has 8 leads 4 on each side. It is attached slightly crooked the solder leads on one side are sloppy, but appear to be intact. This chip is above the GPU fan assy above a radial coil.

I do have a picture of the card, but can't figure out how to post it here.

One other thing, I have an RF scanner near my computer, and when I boot the computer with this card in it, I get interference on the scanner at 158-760 frequency!

04-03-03, 01:43 AM
Ok, this card is looking worse all the time. The damage is very tiny, but is definately there.

The capacitor that looked like it took some heat (or caused it) is at C1267. Next to it is an IC chip at 0905. On the back of the card, under 0905 is a lead that goes from the bottom connector of this chip that has melted, under the PCB coating.

A little further to the right of 0905 is another IC at U8115. This chip has 4 solder leads on each side. The leads on the left side of the chip show signs of having melted, although they are still attached.

I guess something failed and caused a short, or voltage spike and toasted the card. Pain, too, as I can't afford to replace the card. Had to go back to my trusty old GeForce 2MXas this Daytona is just over a year old and off warranty.

04-03-03, 10:57 PM
Palit Daytona video cards are incredibly crappy. I haven't done a lookup on who they really are, but I would not be at all suprised to learn that Hsing Tech (PC-Chips parent company) owns them.

I have a client who purchased slot A athlon second hand (against my advice & not from me) a couple of years ago. He bought a GeForce2 MX for it (not from me). It was a Palit Daytona. Between the Slot A chipset and the video card 3d was horribly unstable. Recently he got fed up with the instability and purchased another graphics card for the system - a GeForce4 MX 440 (again not from me). It too was a Palit Daytona card. The crashing continued. He got me to take a look at the system, and I examined the GF4 MX. The ram chips have no markings on them other than "consumer application"...

Anyway, I got him to sell the old slot A system, now he has a nForce2 based system with a GF4 4200 and can't believe the difference in performance & stability.