View Full Version : Switch from Ti4200 to Ti4800SE

03-31-03, 09:09 PM
Do I need to reinstall Driver?
BTW I have Riva Tuner installed as well, so do I need to uninstall Riva Tuner then plug my Ti4800SE in?

03-31-03, 09:15 PM
and coz my Riva Tuner has my Ti4200 Clock & Mem speed recorded. Can I install my Ti4800SE in then delete Riva Tuner? and Reinstall Riva Tuner to get my Ti4800SE info?
My Ti4200 broke and I can't go in Windows coz once in windows it freeze so can I just uninstall Riva Tuner when I plugged in my Ti4800SE? Wat about the driver? will it be better to unistall Driver and Riva Tuner then install again? I have to plug Ti4800SE first coz my Ti4200 broke.

03-31-03, 09:21 PM
i would recomend deleting the driver before installing your new card. just boot windows into safe mode... and see if you can remove it then. as for rivatuner, you shouldnt have to touch that

03-31-03, 09:25 PM
Thanx I will try that! :)