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06-26-07, 12:13 PM
Download, try, let us know how you find them to be!


06-26-07, 12:22 PM
Video Playback on 7900 card results in PC hardlocking and going to a black screen.

6 months worth of drivers and they still haven't fixed it.

back to 97.92

06-26-07, 12:26 PM
This is great news! That means that the Vista drivers should release today, too!


06-26-07, 12:36 PM
Someone post the notes please.

06-26-07, 12:41 PM
Release Highlights:

* Beta driver release.
* Improved compatibility for Lost Planet.
* Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 2.1 support.
* Numerous game and application compatibility fixes. Please read the release notes for more information on product support, feature limitations, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.
* If you would like to be notified of upcoming drivers for Windows, please subscribe to the newsletter.

PureVideo™ HD support is currently only available on Microsoft Windows Vista for GeForce 8600, 8500 and 8400 GPUs. PureVideo HD support for Windows XP will be available an upcoming driver.

That's all there is the readme with the drivers is empty.

06-26-07, 12:49 PM
* Numerous game and application compatibility fixes. Please read the release notes for more information on product support, feature limitations, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.

...is what I want to know.

Electronic Punk
06-26-07, 12:51 PM

Notes are up!

06-26-07, 12:54 PM
Thanks EP, now we need new Vista drivers! ;)

06-26-07, 12:59 PM
New Vista drivers ftw! :D

06-26-07, 01:06 PM
Still doesn't fix the ultra shader problem in Command & Conquer 3 :(

06-26-07, 01:46 PM
Driver causes my OpenGl games to stutter. Especially Call of duty.

06-26-07, 01:50 PM
OpenGL seems fine on my end (though I have a geforce 8). I have a friend who had issues with OpenGL in the older 9x drivers and the 160.02 driver fixed his OpenGL stutters. Would be strange if that bug came back. Can't you have Call of Duty render in directx mode though?

06-26-07, 02:00 PM
Is there an option in the control panel or a tool that I can use to save the desktop icons position and my 3d, monitor and other settings ?
I don't want to install the new drivers over 160.02.

06-26-07, 02:03 PM
Fixed Single-GPU Issues
• GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS: Flat‐panel scaling doesnʹt work with widescreen
monitors. [309707]

Yay! :D

Open Windows XP Issues in Version 162.15
• Star Wars: Republic Commando: Application crashes when starting a
new game.[254010]

Boo! :(

06-26-07, 02:23 PM
looks like everything is smooth on my pc

06-26-07, 02:44 PM
GPU Temperature Monitoring and Overclocking
Beginning with the Release 95 ForceWare graphics drivers, the NVIDIA Control
Panel 3D Settings page no longer includes a page to monitor GPU temperature
and overclock the GPU. To use these features, you must have NVIDIA nTune
5.05 or later installed.
nTune 5.05 has also been modified to work on all motherboards.


• New Version 1.5 of the NVIDIA Control Panel

Fixed Single-GPU Issues
GeForce 8 Series GPUs
• The NVIDIA Control Panel crashes when closing the nTune
?NVPerformance Benchmark?.[299621]
• GeForce 8800 GTX: NVIDIA Control Panel ?Resize HDTV Desktop?
(overscan compensation) sliders do not maintain their settings.
This issue is fixed with an NVIDIA?provided workaround to enable overscan
compensation and allow the Resize HDTV Desktop sliders to work properly.
See NVIDIA Knowledgebase Article #2064 for instructions.
• GeForce 8800 GTX: 1680x1050 resolution is not available when using
the Dell 3007WFP monitor. [284181]
• GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS: Flat?panel scaling doesn?t work with widescreen
monitors. [309707]
• GeForce 8800 GTX: After changing the HDTV component format, the
display either turns blank or reverts to the previous format.[279287]
• GeForce 8800 GTX: “This task cannot be opened now ...” message
appears when clicking the NVIDIA Control Panel ?Run multiple
display wizard? navigation link after clicking the ?Adjust video color
settings? navigation link.[298477]
• GeForce 8800 GTX: Elder Scrolls: Oblivion–animation is visible
through the trees when HDR and NVIDIA Control Panel antialiasing
are enabled. [296265]

• GeForce 8800 GTX: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.–the crosshair is missing when
antialiasing is enabled. [308826]
• GeForce 8800 GTX: Far Cry–blue?screen crash occurs after playing the
game for awhile.[301780]
• GeForce 8800 GTX, GeForce 7900 GTX/7300 GS: Ghost Recon
Advanced Warfighter 2– the game fails if you try to change settings
right after the loading a mission. [308576]
• GeForce 8800 GTX: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition– the game crashes
after the player destroys some objects in mission 01. [302251]
• GeForce 8600: The NVIDIA Control Panel ?Setup multiple displays?
page reverts back to the ?Adjust image settings with preview? page
after running 3DMark05.[297180]
• GeForce 8600: Rainbow Six Vegas–the game does not start when
antialiasing is set to 8x, 8xQ, or 16x.[298195]
• GeForce 8500/8400/8300: “Could not create the Direct3D device”
message appears when previewing a 3D screen saver in Dualview
• GeForce 8600: On closing the NVIDIA Control Panel, the display
configuration automatically switches from Clone mode to Singledisplay
• GeForce 8500/8400/8300: The NVIDIA Control Panel “Resize HDTV
Desktop” navigation link does not work consistently.[301312]
• GeForce 8500/8400/8300: With the resolution set to 1080i, the desktop
cannot be changed from Dualview mode to Clone mode.[300058]

06-26-07, 02:51 PM
Argh, I only just installed 162.01... oh well, worth it for the fixed scalling if it is infact fixed.

06-26-07, 03:10 PM
There must be something wrong with those drivers ...

I just tried them, and my 3DMark06 score dropped by a stunning 350 points. I will re-install them just like I did with Driver Cleaner in Safe Mode, cleaning the registry, old files, etc, and then I will see if the installation just went wrong. But if it scores the same I will go back with the 160.02's right away.

06-26-07, 03:28 PM
I installed the Vista drivers and while Lost Planet dx9 demo seems to work well (50fps avg snow benchmark/high/no AA,1280x960 on my overclocked 8800gts), the DX10 demo hangs when I try to run the benchmark or start the game. I didn't use driver cleaner but I doubt that's the issue. Oh well, I just wanted digital vibrance back and it works.

Single Player
06-26-07, 03:32 PM
Europ gets lost planet earlier.. us nzone.com did put vista drivers yet.. but uk got them so go ahead vista users http://uk.nzone.com/object/nzone_downloads_rel70betadriver_uk.html

06-26-07, 04:21 PM
Driver causes my OpenGl games to stutter. Especially Call of duty.

Do you have more than one monitor attached? I do and had horrible OGL performance until i read that you need to set the global setting for Single Monitor Performance mode in the CP. This does not affect multi-monitor 2D dislplay capability.

06-26-07, 04:22 PM
Well I installed the driver and everything seems great. I like the new control panel. Performance seems to be up considerably compared to the 94.24 driver on my 7800 gs. Seems to have also fixed some lighting issues the 94.24 driver had with Battlefield 2 Special Forces with windows and buildings occasionally flickering brightly on night maps. Seems like a keeper. Way better than the 94.24 driver. Seems like Nvidia is finally including legacy XP users in the latest drivers series. It also seems that Nvidia is going back to unified drivers for FX users and higher. It's about time Nvidia, my 7800 gs was starting to feel forgotten.

06-26-07, 04:35 PM
No go on my system, both xp64 versions(eng/int) BSOD when entering CP :rolleyes:

06-26-07, 05:03 PM
downloading now.... will create a restore point just in case it goes wacko like with the 94.24s

06-26-07, 05:04 PM
Update (concerning my message, a few posts above): It wasn't the drivers, after all, but a mistake by me. :rolleyes:

Here is what happened ...

Just yesterday I was over-clocking my CPU a little, made a few tests on a few settings, played around with the CPU Multiplier, Memory timings, FSB speed, etc. But I forgot to set my CPU Multiplier back to x11 after my latest test from yesterday (it was at x10.5), which reduced my CPU speed by 120Mhz and my Memory speed was also downed by 10Mhz (20Mhz effective). In other words I was running my CPU at 2.30Ghz instead of my usual 2.42Ghz. And the reduction of the CPU and Memory speed are the direct and only causes of my 3DMark06 score drop.

I hope this little update will clarify things up. It was me, not the drivers ! (for once !) I will try a few more tests now that my usual 24/7 system speeds are back to normal, and will see for sure if those new drivers do provide better performance or not compared to my beloved 160.02's.