View Full Version : Mislabeled drivers ?

06-29-07, 12:31 PM
I don't know about Vista since I haven't tried it much (on a dual-boot), because I prefer XP so far. But, as far as XP is concerned (32-Bit) then I'd like to point out at something that I just noticed, which happens to affect my 8800GTS, but it could perhaps also affect G60's and G70's as well.

It's about the type of drivers used for my GTS.

Of all the drivers I tried so far, only the Quadro drivers (focused on Quadro compatibility but supposedly also working for GeForce's) can give the superb performance and image quality results I have seen, especially the 160.02's, which are labeled as "Quadro drivers" on the nVidia ForceWare Beta's blog download page (can't remember the link).

And of all the ForceWare drivers I tried (mostly all within the 15x.xx series) so far gave me all sorts of strange issues, mostly small issues, most of them outside of games (Desktop, CP, strange installation-related and un-installation related issues for example) but sometimes causing crashes here and there, in games, exactly where the Quadro excels and remain stable. Not to mention the horrific performance drops I get when installing the so called "ForceWare" drivers over the Quadro's.

A mere example here from me:

3DMark06 (default settings)
158.22/162.15 (ForceWare's): +/- 8750
160.02/160.03 (Quadro's): +/- 9100

And not just in 3DMark06 but in games as well (C-S:S Benchmark, FEAR Benchmark, H-L 2: Lost Coast Benchmark, and a few more).

So I was just thinking ...

Could it be possible that nVidia simply mislabeled their drivers ? That in fact the Quadro's would be ForceWare's, and vise versa ? Or is it just a pure coincidence and that my system just unexplainably likes the Quadro-based drivers more than ForceWare's ? Has anyone else noticed or experienced anything similar with their systems ?