View Full Version : Antec P182 ,Whats the difference???

06-30-07, 02:27 PM

I don't see any changes listed here from my p180

Theres also a Japanese Steel version.

I should just go to the antec site and see what they changed.

Oh there it is:-
Audio In/Out (HDA & AC’ 97)

07-01-07, 03:43 PM
p182 is slightly wider, has special holes in the mobo tray to aid in wire mangment (you can now put all your wires behind the board and move them up instead of going through the center.

The top Hard Drive tray has been tweaked and moved slightly. the center support and fan area in the bottom between the PSU and lower HD tray has been tweaked to b easier to work with.

Overall just alot of little tweaks to make wiremanagment somwhat less a pain. Honestly, after owning a p180 for over a year, i cant wait to get rid of it. Its to heavy, the thermal performance sucks without modification, water cooling is near impossible, and wire mangment is way harder then it needs to be.

07-02-07, 02:16 AM
Also they got rid of the cooling duct over the expansion slots. They have added two holes with rubber grommets for putting water tubes through for an external Rad. They also put the fan speed switches for the top and rear fans on the back at the top so you don't need to open the case the change the fan speed.

Having got a P182 it is a better case then the older one but it is a tad heavy but if you don't move it then thatís not a problem.

07-04-07, 05:33 PM
My p180 has the 2 grommets, no fan duct and all the rest of that,2 switches etc, ONLY difference is my front panel audio isnt HD, Ah well who cares must be a european revision thing.

They should have included a fruppin finger guard for the 120mm fan in the bottom compartment, My sata leads got caught in the blades ,not a good thing.