View Full Version : Component output out of sync on every driver after 100.65

07-01-07, 12:20 AM
I'm been having a issue with every driver after Vista x64 100.65 where the component output is out of sync on my HDTV. I recently tried 162,15 and it was the same story. I tried different resolutions and even downloaded a programs to help setup custom vsync settings all with the same crap result. While I can go back to 100.65 and get a working setup it would be nice to use newer drivers. Any ideas?

07-15-07, 06:23 PM
Another version of the driver and the problem remains. For the first time the resize has been added back. Not sure how it took 6 months to copy and paste that code into the Vista drivers.....:rolleyes:

165.22 still doesn't output HDTV video correctly and the official answer from Nvidia about my problem is that "It will be fixed in the next driver release". I'm sure thats the copy and paste answer the outsourced IT person gives to everyone. So again anyone with ideas because Nvida doesn't have any for me!

Looks like I might need to move back to Linux because sadly Linux might have better support.