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07-02-07, 04:33 PM
So there I was, just staring at Speedfan, hoping my CPU would drop below 40 and my HDD drop below 30. All of a sudden... it dawned on me. More fans! BUT, you will never guess how I did it without spending a dime. You could call it "modding" but let's just say, I'm not a certified electrician.

I remember I had 2 old PSU with a 90mm fan and the other with an 80mm fan. I know it's not safe to open up PSU's because it still retains electricity and it will "void the warranty." I didn't care what happened to the warranty because the one with the 90mm was a 230 watt Powerman and the 80mm was a super old AT power supply. So they were really old and out of the game for good so I took them out of their misery; I stole the fans!

Now, the 90mm didn't have a pin connector but the 80mm did. I remember I had a 50mm under my computer desk along with my tool kit and my electrical tape (the bottom of my desk is a tool box :p). I took it out and took out my trusty razor. I sliced and diced away.

I took the molex connector off of the 50mm and took the 2 pin connector off the 80mm, stripped about 1 inch of the plastic coating away and I twined the copper wire together and taped it up. So, when I was finished with the 80mm, it had the molex connector and I had myself a really great HDD fan. I have no clue how fast it is and I don't have a rpm meter.

Next was the 90mm fan. My 260mm fan broke and I took it out. I removed the fan magnets and the fan blades so that I have a small circuit board with a molex connector and a 3 pin fan controller. I cut off the molex connecter, stripped the plastic coating and twined it together with the 90mm fan and taped it up. I now have a dandy 90mm exhaust fan :p.

I know it wasn't smart or it was; opinions are noted, lol, but it was a fun project/boredom killer/computer benefit. My HDD is now at 26c and my CPU is now at 37c on full load.

Tools: razor, screw driver to install fans, electrical tape, old PSU, colored vision to match red with red, black with black, and boredom.

07-02-07, 06:49 PM
Here are the steps if you want to do this.

NOTE: I will not be held responsible for any mishap due to this. This is like a pregnancy test, I'm 99.9% sure that something will not happen. Keep the PC off!! I did not copy this fan mod off of anywhere, I didn't think it would actually work.

-Step one: Find yourself a nice spot in the chassis where you will install the fan.
-Step two: Find a useless PSU and carefully remove the fan from within. If the fan has a 2 pin connection, you may remove it with a razor.
-Step three: Gently with the razor, strip the plastic coating off to expose the copper wire. 1 1/2cm recommended.
-Step four: Find a broken case fan and remove the connector from it, molex or 3 pin. Cable length can be long or short, depending on where the fan will be positioned.
-Step five: Repeat Step 3.
-Step six: Match red with red, black with black and twist the copper wire together.
-Step seven: Since the wire is still exposed and a connection has been made between the fan and the connector by twisting them together, grab a strip of tape and tape it around the wire. DO NOT USE ONE STRIP FOR 2 WIRES!!
-Step eight (optional): Now that the red wire is taped and twined and the black wire is taped and twined, you can get another strip of tape and tape both cables together where you originally taped them so they will stay together.
-Step nine: Install the fan and plug it in.
-Step ten: Set fan speed to desired speed.


07-02-07, 11:39 PM
How many think this is a pretty neat improvisation? Personally, this is a cool penny pincher, lmao. How many think the idea is stupid? If so, then BOO :thumbdwn:

07-05-07, 04:40 AM
Bump (for the people who are trying this :P)

Capt. Picard
07-05-07, 06:20 AM
You say you were bored which was part of why you did it. And seems like you were bored again which is why you posted 4 posts.