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07-06-07, 11:11 AM
Anyone her on Baelgun? I started up again on this server. I haven't been in the game for 3 months and even sold my accounts. Well there are no mmos out there right now so I decided to play WoW again.

After being a tank for the first two years, then a PVP wh0re the last year on the horde side, I went back to the alliance.

I am a priest. All I do is heal now. I've done almost all the classes and decided this would be a much different challenge. Lets face it, the only two types of classes in a raid that have to really have skill are tanks and healers. The rest are mindless button mashers. I mean really, does it take much skill to be a rogue in a raid? LOL! no, just as a mage and lock are simple. Sure mages have to decurse but that isn't that hard.

Healing on the other hand requires much more attention. It isn't has skill required as tanking but it is just as tough, none-the-less.

Any way I am back for the time being on a completely n00b toon with no access to money and the game is fun again. We have to play this like first time players, no power leveling and no money. :D good times again.

My toon, thus far.

07-06-07, 11:23 AM
I spent some time on a PVE server taking a shaman and druid to 60. Then I took my warrior to 60 on a PVP server, then to 70 after TBC. I took a little time off and don't play as much as I used to, so I transfered my warrior to the PVE realm with my shaman and druid. I sure would like to find more 'good players' cause all I'm surrounded by are hardcore pricks or idiot group-wiping noobs.

Stormrage (PVE) Horde btw