View Full Version : Interview with Cevat Yerli- Crysis vs FC and the pro gamer

07-06-07, 01:56 PM

So we're just developing a couple things into the energy bar, where the skilled guy can say, "Hey, look. At 20 percent, consumption goes faster than at 40 percent. So if I do speed run till 40 percent and then go to strength and jump at 20 percent, I can close for maybe one-half second more." Like this, right? So the guy can go freaky with it, a pro gamer. You know, in our studio there's one guy who's been playing the suit all the time-he's unfortunately not here--but when he plays it's--when I play and he plays it's like a world of difference.

07-06-07, 02:00 PM
Woohoo, more interviews...:headexplode: