View Full Version : nForce 430 MCP61 ethernet huge problem

07-06-07, 07:11 PM
Hello, I have installed PCLOS Final release distro and I have some major problems. unfortunately, the guys on their forum weren't able to help me.
I have the following specs and the following problem :) :
AMD 3600+ x2 x64 AM2 on ASUS M2N-MX with nforce 430+gForce 6100 OnBoard chipset and nforce MCP61 Ethernet Rev A.2

The problem is that in every linux distro that i have installed, every time i restart it, my nforce eth adapter gets redected and a new eth appears in modprobe.conf and ifconf0-XXX in sysconfig/network-scripts. What can be the solution to that issue? PCLOS has 2.6.18. tex5 kernel.
I connect to a broadband router where I need to setup the connection with two DNS's so I can't just let it get redected. If anyone knows something about this matter... please help.

I heard/read a lot of stuff on this theme on lots of forums and found many information but none of it is useful so far... forcedeth, ndiswrapper etc... somewhere lies the problem and i can t find it.
Please help.
Best regards, Arthur.